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RIP Luke Perry, 52

WOW, REALLY?! I am the first person to mention this?!

LUKE PERRY has tragically passed away at the age of 52. I'm sure all have you have heard this by now, but it definitely deserved its own thread. I feel like I just bashed him a little over on JMS NEWS, but the truth of the matter is I always liked him. I did think he might have been a poor choice for JEREMIAH, but I still liked the show and he did shine, at times, as the series progressed.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't JMS want to do JEREMIAH and Luke Perry coming on board pushed his ability to do so over the top?
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Re: RIP Luke Perry, 52

I've still never seen Jeremiah, but I grew up with and watched 90210 as well as Oz, one of my favorite shows. It was definitely a shock and sad that he passed at 52.
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Re: RIP Luke Perry, 52

It is always bizarre when someone relatively young and apparently quite healthy suddenly dies. I did not see a great deal of his work, but I always enjoyed him. He was excellent in Oz.
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