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Old February 27th 15, 01:03   #11
Lennier's Tears
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Re: EpDis: No Surrender, No Retreat

Well, this episode is just great, start to finish. It starts out pretty tense right from the first scenes with the military-style drums and the shots of people hurrying around with a purpose. It never really lets up after that. The story is excellent. There's an impressive space battle (and as always in B5, it's set against the background of a shiny nebula), but it's a very complicated space battle. It's all about the respective captains (and the people under them) having to make up their minds about what is morally right. Excellent.

I like seeing young lieutenant Corwin again, holding the fort.

I also like seeing Vir again, with his long, high status hair! Poor guy, clearly still have nightmares about his recent assassination experience.

The scenes with G'Kar and Londo are excellent as always.

The Garibaldi plot thickens! He plans not to return!

There's nothing here for me to criticize. It's just excellent. I may have more to say about that when I'm not tired, but "excellent" describes it pretty well. I think the Earth conflict is my favorite part of the Babylon 5 story, so I like everything to do with that.
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Re: EpDis: No Surrender, No Retreat

Originally Posted by Boxie View Post
I especially liked the way Bruce played this one. He is soooo sexy when he takes charge! He's usually just cute, and I prefer the hair a little longer... but ooooh baaaby!
Oooh baby is pretty accurate Bruce is very sexy - mostly because he's not just a pretty face. He can be pretty intimidating and dangerous and commanding. And he's really not a bad actor. "Let's see if we have survivors - or allies." A simple phrase - but well delivered, and I got goosebumps.

Originally Posted by dreamer
Great Maker that I love the scene at the bar counter when G'Kar comes there and has the drink with Londo and how Londo takes his glass afterwards and puts it next to his own. The music just makes this for me and I notice myself swallowing back my tears every time I see the scene.
That is an excellent scene. B5 is very good at changing pace, which makes some scenes all the more meaningful and 'heavy' in all the right ways. Which episode had the ending where there was no sound at all? Extremely effective. Also this scene here, after all the fighting and suspense who's going to do what and will there be any new allies etc. there's this rather a quiet scene where nothing much happens - and yet, *everything* happens.

Also the earlier scene - Londo at G'Kar's quarters - was very well done. Again and again I marvel at the acting skills of Katsulas and Jurasik. True professionals.

Originally Posted by Estelyn
I like how the episode begins, almost like a prelude: the military sound of drums, which has been used in similar situations before to great effect, combined with the preparation of the war room and Sheridan marching there through the corridors. I also enjoy seeing how Lt. Corwin is shown taking on greater responsibility - I like that characters can grow and change in this show.
Agree on everything. The drums were very effective. And I too like the way Corwin has quietly gained more of a place for himself. From the sidelines - just barely having a name and a short line every once in a while - to the, well, not to the forefront but at least having a sturdy role as a supporter of the forefront, so to speak, and some kind of an actual personality.
Since one of the best things in B5 is that people learn, change, grow, it's nice that they let that happen to the "less important" characters as well.

And Ivanova.... I love her. Truly. WHAT a character! Trust Ivanova. Trust yourself. Anyone else? Shoot 'em.

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