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Re: In 2265 how many Warlock Destroyers will there be?

Thanks, Drakh and Whitestar 90, for the info on where to see the Warlock class. I'll have to look out for them next time that I watch the episodes!

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Re: In 2265 how many Warlock Destroyers will there be?

<table bgcolor=black><tr><td bgcolor=black><font size=1 color=white>Spoiler:</font></td></tr><tr><td><font size=2 color=black> The way i understood all of the stuff from the production of the Omega's and the warlocks is that the initial run of warlocks were to have shadow bio armor as well. But due to the fact that Clark couldn't wait long enough for them to be finished because of the fact that Sheridan's forces were close to attacking earth, so one of his techs put the shadow armor onto already existing ships which formed the Advanced Omega Class Destroyer. And i'm not completely sure on all of this i've seen some of it on fan sites and have heard other parts of it from ppl i know so please don't hang me if what i said or am about to say is wrong. They built these ships with the help of the drakh, then when the war got too hot for them the drakh pulled out and destoryed all of the tech on their way out so that earth couldn't use it with out their help. Which is why the warlocks don't have as much shadow tech as the omegas. Unless earth found a way to make more bio armor with out the drakh's help.</font></td></tr></table>

Like i said, i'm not sure about all of that. Hopefully i can get back on this site soon so i can see what is wrong and what is right.

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