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Babylon stations

Babylon 5 was the fifth of the Babylon stations. Construction of all the stations started within a ten year period. It is hard to believe they could do all that in such a short time period. But by that time they may have had such advanced technology that it may have just been possible. Also it would depend how much of the resources of Earth were used. Also how far into production the first three Babylon stations were. Just my take on this topic.
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Re: Babylon stations

Wasn't there a mention somewhere along the line about a deccreasing amount of resources available for each successive station, due to the unpopularity of the project back home?

Although now that I think about it, that may have just happened inbetween Babylons 4 and 5. I remember B4 being bigger than B5 because of this.

As for the builds happening in a relatively quick span. I guess that for us, it does seem quick. In the B5 future though, it seems building starships are as common place as building cars today. I'd venture that building big Babylon stations, whilst being remarkable, would take within the ten year period you mentioned.

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Re: Babylon stations

I was under the impression that the first three stations production were halted early on and never really got of the ground as such. Not sure about that thoough.
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Re: Babylon stations

Originally Posted by Scorpio View Post
I was under the impression that the first three stations production were halted early on and never really got of the ground as such. Not sure about that thoough.

If you've seen In the Beginning, you'll know that the original Babylon Station seemed to have got a fair way into development... at least in terms of its superstructure... you can see in some images on this wiki link: http://babylon5.wikia.com/wiki/Babylon_Project
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Re: Babylon stations

I've started rewatching the series, and the fate of the first four Babylon stations is remarked upon in Season one ep, "Grail". Jinxo was on all 5 stations and states that 1 through 3 were sabatoged when he left for leave, while 4 was completed, but disappeared as he was looking on in a shuttle leaving the station. That's why he was certain he could never leave B5 or something bad would happen.
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Re: Babylon stations

Also it may have been more on the political end of things but I was under the impression the Minbari were fairly involved in the whole project so perhaps they helped out in some other ways such as financially?
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Re: Babylon stations

It's 2257 construction machine / robots may be able to work 10x faster than hoomans

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Re: Babylon stations

It has been my impression that the whole B5 project was heavily funded by the Grey Council. As for the actual construction it is fairly grand. To build something like that would be a mammoth construction project. But with sufficient money, it could have been done. If we look at how fast Earth Force built Destroyers during the Civil War we can see how fast Earth Shipyards could build.
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Re: Babylon stations

It was mainly because of the Earth-Minbari war that Babylon 5 was built, to help ensure that that wouldn't happen again. The first four stations were constructed while the Minbari had as yet little or no contact with the human race. Delenn once asked John why five stations, and he said that humans were stubborn that way, they kept rebuilding... or something to that effect. The point being is that she knew little about the Babylon projects prior to the fifth one.

I like what J. Michael Straczynski said about a related subject sort of as it applies to this one: "How fast do the Starfuries move? At the speed of plot."
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Re: Babylon stations

I think the reason why construction of b1 to 4 was relatively quick was because at each stage the next station used salvaged sections of the previous one. This is why b4 had engines is six miles long and the most impressive..then it 'disappears' . After that b5 needed financial backing from other races as humanity argued over the expense of the whole project. So b5 despite its impressive size is very much the budget option. Also probably why it only has one rotating section and is orbiting a planet without engines etc..
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