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Re: It Was the Dawn of the Third Age of B5-Watching...

Originally Posted by Jan View Post

That's kind of cool. I don't want to tell you how long it took me to understand what you meant by keeping the DVDs in your Netflix queue, though.
Very understandable if you are unfamiliar with how Netflix DVD works. My "Queue" has about 300 titles in it, including all the B5 discs. I will also start to see when their supply runs out. The Discs that finally give out or get broken in shipment will eventually start to switch to my "Unknown" queue. That is the list of titles for movies that haven't been released yet or titles they had discs for, but currently do not. I don't even know why it exists other than upcoming possible releases. I've never seen a disc disappear down to that list and then become available again. But I still check it to see when the B5 Discs get placed on that list, so I'll know when people can no longer see B5 through that source.
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