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Re: Season 1 recap

Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
This is great. I love the classic sideways wipe too... Kurosawa would have approved.
I wonder what Kurosawa would think of things today, including his own influence on the world?
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Re: Season 1 recap

hi Folks! I'm back from my holiday and have two more episodes to show:

I see you mentioned the transition effects. I tried not to use always the same effect, but as I only have 3 effects, I kinda have to use all 3 of them all the time ^^
(well: actually it's 4, but the 4th seldom looks good. You'll see it in infection though)
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Re: Season 1 recap

All episodes including the pilot are now online here:
unfortunately I had to reduce the quality to 480p to squeeze it into the space the free account has to offer.
When I have all episodes in the same quality I'll make a playlist (if that's possible, haven't looked into that yet)
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