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Old October 21st 05, 00:32   #51
Psi Cop
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However, he made a couple of mistakes in the episode "All Alone in the Night." In that episode no one comes to attention when General Hague comes aboard B5 and Ivanova enters the elevator ahead of Hague, both incorrect.
This part may have hit the cutting room floor? According to the script:


Sparsely populated, not a lot of folks around. Ivanova waits. Finally, we SEE GENERAL HAGUE. He comes forward, Ivanova approaches.

General, welcome to Babylon 5.


I apologize for the lack of an honor guard, but we were given specific instructions by your office--

Yes, well, I'd rather not make a fuss. Never cared much for all the show. I was told Captain Sheridan would be here...?

Plus Sheridan told Ivanova earlier that it was a private visit. When's the elevator scene? It's not mentioned as they're leaving the customs area.

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Old October 22nd 05, 01:10   #52
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The fact that the visit was "private" is immaterial. Generals are always making site visits, sometimes to get a first-hand report from the site commander. When a General officer enters everyone snaps to attention. That is military custom. A General might "say" he doesn't want any fuss, but believe me, subordinates will render the proper respect. Sheridan does it right in GROPOS when General Franklin came aboard.

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Old October 28th 05, 23:01   #53
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Well guys... I liked it! Of course, I have no practical knowledge of military protocol, so some of things mentioned didn't bother me at all. Although, I was surprised to see the look on Sheridan's face, and his reply, to the General when met with the news he had to find beds for everyone. I would have assumed that required only a, "Yes, sir." response, reserving his "abba abba...but.." reply, and his doubt, for later.

And how about that Dodger!! What a little spitfire she was! I think she snuck( ) up on Mr. Garilbaldi...He liked her a lot. I think what stopped him was the prospect of messing up his life even more, and maybe inadvertently hers, with an ill-planned move.

Dodger said a lot of things to Michael in his quarters that clearly showed who she was and revealed much about the life she led. Some of her words haunted me when I saw she'd been killed. Did she hear the shot that took her out...?? I hope not...

I loved the bar fight because of what happened in the middle of it. Michael and Dodger nearly took a swing at each other! They had almost no time to react, but you could just see it kind of tickled them that they came that close! I liked that part so much; the rest of the fight is just a blur.

I also liked the General Franklin character. Paul Winfield was just an excellent actor. I think the stiffness of his dialog and posturing was intentional. Watch him. It almost appears that he's holding his breath, as if he's carrying the weight of this mission and his troops on his chest.

I think he knew what was coming...that it was a dicey mission, that the likelihood of heavy losses was great, and the only chance of savings some of those lives and meeting the objective was to never take his eye off the ball.

Long time a soldier, I think he knew he could ill-afford to mentally stray from his mission, or his men, to address personal relationships or make speeches. The rest would have to wait; he had a job to do.

I gave it an "A".
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Old January 12th 06, 14:33   #54
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This episode is a favorite, but also gripes me in many ways. I won't even get into the military protocol debate. I'm daughter of Navy, was Navy briefly myself, and was married to Navy for 15+ years (first enlisted, then he was promoted to CWO, then full officer over the course of his career). The less said about those mistakes the better. But it is true. Darling Michael would not be standing around a superior officer with his hands in his pants!

One point, though. . .Garibaldi is a CWO--Chief Warrant Officer--in Earthforce. That is a commissioned rank, not a noncommissioned one. Someone refered to him as a noncom in a previous post. Currently, Warrants are usually helo pilots, 2-year degree nurses, etc. That's how my ex went from E6 to CWO. . .his ADN.

Anyway. . .

I'm of the "Garibaldi, you idiot!" camp. Don't take a girl to your room, smooching her madly, then drop her like a hot rock when you have this blinding flash of insight. That's the sort of thing that comes BEFORE you get to the grunting and grappling stage. Think with the OTHER head before you get within 25 feet of a bed, thanks! I've always liked the idea of a woman like Dodger for Garibaldi. Lise is a whining, useless, sack of codependent, temper-tantrum-throwing-in-dire-need-of-therapy (expletive deleted). That JMS had him end up with her totally yanks my chain. Michael is one of those powerful characters that compells people either to love him or hate him. I'm in the love him (truly, madly, desperately) category. But, truth be told, he's what I refer to as a "science project man." A real fixer-upper. You don't put two science projects together because it just won't work. Today or centuries into the future, humans are still humans. That's my rant for the day on that topic. No wonder Zack dubbed Daffy the "Egyptian God of Frustration." G totally frustrated me in that ep as well as "Day of the Dead." Being in love with (or just wanting to. . .ahem. . ."boff") men like him truly is all we need to know of hell.

All in all, Dodger was a great character and deserved a little more screen time. But, that's just me. LOL

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Old July 18th 06, 00:44   #55
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Garibaldi,what you playing at man.First bit of action to come your way in years and you decide to go all moral.Not on and not believable.
The squadies behaved like squadies,shallow and out for cheap laughs.
As for the brawl it is in my opinion impossible to do these things realisticly as in real life they are pretty nasty and it would never be allowed on a programme with this sort of audience.A 18 rating would be needed for any real brawl.This is why you don't see any blood.
They all die,I actually like that.One of the differances of B5 compared to other series was the fact that people are just killed off.No last minute rescues or escapes just dead.Adds the realism that war is no game.
I also liked the fact that earth was using its military might once again.Was this because of shadow influence or was the EA thinking that they had to flex their muscles.
Once again,Garibaldi you are either gay or have been castrated.Single men never say no to a bit of no strings attached fun.
Well I don't anyway.
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Old July 18th 06, 01:17   #56
First One
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Once again,Garibaldi you are either gay or have been castrated.Single men never say no to a bit of no strings attached fun.
Well I don't anyway.
Well Jerry Doyle's pregnant wife was watching. He did not ditch Andrea Thompson until after the birth.
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Old July 18th 06, 02:17   #57
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I also liked the fact that earth was using its military might once again.Was this because of shadow influence or was the EA thinking that they had to flex their muscles.
I think the planet they were doing the thing on was of some sort of transportationally strategic importance.
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Old July 18th 06, 12:53   #58
Soul Hunter
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Yeah, but the background was never really made clear.

It's kind of like Grenada, only bloodier.
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Old July 18th 06, 15:30   #59
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I think with the Narn and Centauri duking it out, Earth wanted to strengthen their position and take advantage of whatever the outcome of the war was going to be. I don't think they were particularly interested in the civil war on that planet, they just wanted it for strategic purposes. In fact, doesn't General Franklin say something like that during the episode?

And I'd take Lise over Dodger any day of the week.
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Old July 18th 06, 23:48   #60
Jade Jaguar
First One
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And I'd take Lise over Dodger any day of the week.
Yeah, but how about nights of the weekend?
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