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Re: Red Dwarf : Back to Earth

Originally Posted by Bester View Post
Anyone else watching this? The 3-part story began last night on Dave. I was very disappointed with the first episode. No Holly, no audience laughter, newly designed ship internals, poor story, and no resolution to the season 8 cliffhanger makes for a very disappointing outing. There were also parts where I really got the impression that the actors were struggling to get back into character. Shame. I was hoping for so much more.
I saw the first one, and half of the second. Gotta echo your thoughts. Just sat there not laughing, thinking "what is this?"
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Re: Red Dwarf : Back to Earth

It needed to be something more than a mere rehash of Back to Reality really... although towards the end of the last part it started to make a bit of ground... too little too late.

I honestly think after so long away, they should have written several dummy scripts and got back into the habit of being a dwarfer (and I mean the writers and production team as much as the actors). That way they could have dismissed the weaker scripts and when they were back in the drift, come out with something really special.

Guess that would take time and money and in this world... it's not something a lot of people have patience for.
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Re: Red Dwarf : Back to Earth

When I initially watched these, I was very unhappy....but I rewatched and actually enjoyed (I think it was because the expectations had been removed as they were always going to be soooooo much higher than possible)
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