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The Apprentice

Does anyone watch it here?

I think, for the first time, Sir Alan seriously got it wrong.

Myriam was the one that deserved to go.

I can't help but feel he's really factoring in past episodes... and I'm not sure that it's fair exactly. They should be judged more on the merits of their current task.
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Re: The Apprentice

The Apprentice is the best thing on TV ever!

I think this time Sir Alan looked at the five who were left, and made the decision entirely on the basis of past performance and which of them he wanted to take into the final four. Then, having made that decision, he came up with a totally contrived excuse to sack Myriam, who was probably the least deserving out of all of them on that particular challenge..

There is no way that failing to tell Paul and Tim to take turns as producer was a fatal mistake, especially when the other team only had two members and might or might not have made the same mistake in the same situation. It was the product selection what done it. And how on earth was she supposed to manage the team effectively when she wasn't allowed to have any contact with them?

Paul should have gone. He started off well, but anyone can see he's now in the grip of serious psychosis..
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Re: The Apprentice

Totally agree!

If Sir Alan thinks that a manager's job is to tell two grown men "don't talk to me at the same time" then he's deluded. There's a different between managing and micro-managing. By his logic it should have been part of the instructions at the beginning that told her that she was to tell them to speak one at a time.

Paul is a little troll.

Still, I thought these four would be in the top four and they are.
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Re: The Apprentice

Myriam probably survived this long because she was entertaining when filmed. Sugar will now be looking to see which one of the 4 he wants to employ.
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