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Re: Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Originally Posted by Triple F View Post
Pretty sure he said something about finding first ones that were left behind, might have imagined it, but at the time I remember thinking wtf.
I think you may be thinking of this:

Originally Posted by A Call to Arms
SHERIDAN: ...We know there were other races as old as the Shadows...One of them must have found a cure. We'll find them. We have to.
Thatís the one. But it was also a line used a little before it - when itís mentioned the Shadows technology was centuries ahead of their own so how could they hope to find a cure within 5 years, and they knew that there was races at least as old as the shadows out there. Itís sounds a bit like a typo, or rearranging the B5 verse a little as coming in contact with ancient civilisations Millions of years ahead of humans (which shadows where originally supposed to be) was going to be problematic (from a show making viewpoint). Maybe he was thinking Drakh and it came out shadows . . . .dunno.

Originally Posted by KoshN
That whole Liandra weapons firing method was a fiasco. When they couldn't get the chair, they should have gone to a Whitestar style firing setup, not early Whitestar with the two Minbari in motorized chairs (unnecessarily complex, and we never saw what these Minbari actually did.),
He wanted to show something different. And it certainly was that. ; )

Originally Posted by KoshN
I didn't have a problem with the look of the Valen, i.e. that it was shaped like a brick. Looked a little Romulan in general shape, with the fluted Minbari bonecrest edges around the sides and back. My problem was how quickly it was dispatched by the dirty snowflake ships of the cronies of The Hand (corny name ). I just assumed that the Valen was outclassed by the dirty snowflake ships, and that the enemy knew exactly where to hit it and how hard to hit it.
I didnít have a problem with the look either, and yeah, it did have a bit of a romulan ST:TNG feet to it. The scene showing itís destruction was a right mess, it didnít come out the way it was meant to. But a few things had gone wrong with the CGI. Chris spent a while creating a hi-rez texture map for the planet B5 orbits but couldnít believe it was missing from the final shot!!

jms has said that the LoTR hyperspace was a bit more how he originally envisaged it, Dangerous and turbulent basically. Said it looked better than how it did when made by lightwave. The software had nothing to do with it really (the LoTR one was created in Maya) but it was recreated from scratch and itís the addition of volumetric (sp) elements which goes a fair way to set that up, and it takes time to render). Alec was saying the same thing about Quantum space in the Lost Tales Ė they didnít have time to fill it out as much as they wanted!!

A thing to remember is that although they didnít have the models of the original B5 ships they could have replaced a few of the Ďimportantí ones. But instead they designed and built 4 new vessels, and used the low res stuff from the library given to the Sierra game as background fillers.

LoTR was meant to show new stuff. But I think it showed a little bit too much new stuff in one go, and having a new Canadian EFX team (who largely didnít know what B5 was BTW) didnít help. As for the writing/acting . . . . . . mewww, that's just personal taste and was a bit stringy in places.

Visual continuity IS important. It makes movies and TV shows that are supposedly part of the B5 universe, FEEL LIKE they ARE part of that universe. When you start screwing around too much, like the changing color of regular hyperspace, and the introduction of "quantum space," you RUIN the harmony, the familial feeling of the movies and TV shows. In B5, the texture of hyperspace evolved, but the color stayed pretty much the same. Then in Rangers, it's freaking PINK! If he'd just messed with the texture some more, I could have lived with that, but to step-change the color (sort of a burnt orange-red to "BAM!" PINK?) No. This was like the change in color of the jump points from B5 to Crusade, but waaaay worse. In Crusade, the jump point vortex colors were less saturated.
I completely agree with that. But I think it boils down to this idea that itís the story that important. However, the narrative of a story is an important element and in some respects jms focuses a bit more on the dialogue side of things.

The B5 Ďverse is just a setting for that dialogue and is Ė to a degree Ė a poor second cousin to the dialogue. It could explain some of the things discussed here, Shadows centuries older than humans, the Liandra weapons system, Quantum space to frame a joke, jump points looking different . . . . . . . . But thatís another topic of debate all together.
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