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Deconstruction of Falling Stars credits

I watched this episode again today on DVD, first time on DVD though, and I think the credits were different.

I'm sure I remember from the video version, Ivanova being removed from the credits and part of the Endgame fight in her place.

But on the DVDs, she's there. Am I imagining it?

I never got this episode previously so never liked it, but I really enjoyed and 'got it' this time.
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Re: Deconstruction of Falling Stars credits

As I recall they replaced her with the shot of the Agammemnon emerging from the fireball of the GOD platform being blown up.
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Re: Deconstruction of Falling Stars credits

Right Galahad. In the original broadcast version, the credits featured Ivanova replaced. But thanks to all the screwyness that occurred with putting the show into widescreen, they opted to only to reconstruct the credits once, which is why Ivanova's credit is still in for the DVDs. Similarly, in season two, the first two episodes featured a shot of Delenn as still Minbari and changed to her human appearance after the first two episodes, but for the DVDs, Delenn is human the whole time. I believe also for season two's credits another bit happened for Ivanova in that she was listed as "Lieutenant Commander" for the first three episodes and then listed as "Commander" once she obtained her promotion in that third episode, but in the DVDs the credits aren't updated.
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Re: Deconstruction of Falling Stars credits

Similarly, Jerry Doyle is credited as Security Chief for the entire fourth season, even though Garibaldi resigned quite early on. I can't remember if they modified the credits for the TV broadcast, however...

Although on my DVDs (complete universe, region 2) Delenn's appearance does change. I'll keep an eye out for the SiL credits!
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