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Heroes stars dating

As soon as I saw the headline about two Heroes stars dating I knew who it was before I read it... it just seemed there was a certain spark between them on camera even if they are uncle and niece.

But does anyone else think that copywriters and news announcers are going to have a hell of a time with the names Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere?

What happened to easy names like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt for the tabloids?
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Re: Heroes stars dating

Fun fact: Milo is 12 years older than Hayden.
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Re: Heroes stars dating

And I seem to recall they were dating before she turned 17. Naughty Naughty Peter Patrelli.
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Re: Heroes stars dating

Not a problem if he asked her out in the UK

Seriously though, I personally could never date someone in their late teens (and I use date in the "going out" sense).

The girl I'm currently seeing is 27... that's 6 years below. I wouldn't drop much below 25. Girls are just too highly strung.

My head is seriously mashed at the moment... I'm gettting the "I think you are awesome!" kissy kissy treatment then 24 hours later "the spark isn't there yet".

Think I may need to be a little assertive here and make sure it's clear I'm not just a kissing toy. I'm not being respected. she's a good person and I think it would bother her if she knew I felt she wasn't treating me with respect... but I think she needs to know she can't just play with people's heads like that.

Or maybe she can and I'm just old fashioned.

But she's definitely worth it!
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Re: Heroes stars dating

Dude, just be the kissing toy and enjoy it. Sod the respect angle.

Anyway, well done Peter P. Good haul.
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- Charlie Brooker
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Re: Heroes stars dating

As far as I can tell they're still dating... anybody think they'll have anything on it before the premiere tomorrow night?
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