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Getting to know vBulletin: read/unread posts

I'll be posting a number of ad hoc topics to help you get the most out of vBulletin, and highlight key changes to what you may be used to with ubb.threads.

Unread memory
Topics now keep individual memory of if they are unread or not. You can read some topics in a forum, come back later and the topics you haven't looked at will still be unread. It now means you don't have to read all topics in a forum in one go.

Marking a forum read
You can still set a forum or all forums to be 'marked as read'. To mark a specific forum read, when in the forum select Forum Tools > Mark This Forum read. Or, a quicker option, when on the front page just double click the new posts icon (the three point star/logo on the left of the forum name).

Marking all forums read
To mark all forums read, select Quick Links > Mark Forums Read from any page.

Unread posts
If you click the title of a thread, it will take you to the beginning of the thread. To go to the first new post (the behavior of the old ubb.threads system) click this symbol by the post name: . This icon will not appear if they are no new posts in the thread.
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