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John Sheridan lookey likey?

Every time I open Napster, I can't help but think this guy is like John Sheridan. Maybe an older brother...

Am I mad?

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Psi Cop
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Re: John Sheridan lookey likey?


reminds me of fat lookalikes.... urgh, that reminds me of Chris Evans...
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Re: John Sheridan lookey likey?

He does look a bit like him.

Now people here have told me I look like Bruce, and I can't figure that out. They've seen my pic, and they know I don't, so why do they say I do?
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First One
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Re: John Sheridan lookey likey?

I saw Bruce Boxleitner on She Spies the other night. It was good to see him on TV again... he was playing some kind of CIA-boss type, so he had that raspy authoritative voice going. Reminded me a lot of Sheridan giving a speech.

But, lest I forget, the main reason I try to catch the show... Natasha Henstridge... *sigh*
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