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Re: Enterprise axed

I suppose it was obvious that a save Star Trek campaign (BBC news story) would be initiated, but I am surprised by this:

Fan website Trek United is hoping to raise $32m (17m) from donations by the end of March to pay for a fifth series. More than $23,000 (12,000) has been pledged so far, according to the site.
What are they going to do with the money when they don't raise enough?
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Re: Enterprise axed

I've always wondered that with fan campaigns. The rather pointless attempt to continue the old school BattleStar springs to mind. I would hope it would at least go to a charity...but suspect not.

That is a lot of cash. Someone is not being realistic there...
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Re: Enterprise axed

I remember reading that unused funds would go to charities aiding victims of the tsunami.
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Re: Enterprise axed

Man, Missy Pyle is HAWT.
And she comes with tenticles too........and unbeatable combination!!!!
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Re: Enterprise axed

They had Jolene Blalock on Coast to Coast AM radio (Feb 22nd.) She was saying how much her and the other stars were touched and moved by the fan's willingness to cry out in despair at the cancellation of the show. She also said that she and the other actors would love to find a new network home and would continue to do the show if another channel picked 'em up.
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