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Psi Cop
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Re: Firefly, WTF!

A coupe of general points:

Farscape has a couple of things in common with B5. One is that as time goes on in the series there gets to be more arc episodes and fewer stand-alones. However, this trend is somewhat reversed / put on hold for much of the first half of S4. Another is that once they really get going, even the "stand-alones" often have a tidbit or two arc references or implications; and along with that, even the stand-alones become fairly specifically slotted in the timeline.

The other general rule of thumb is that 2 or 3 part episodes tend to be things that impact the arc and the direction of the show.

For Season 2 I would go with the following as the main arc eps:

Mind the Baby (first ep, resolves S1 cliffhanger)
Look at the Princess trilogy (Part 1: A Kiss Is Just A Kiss; Part 2: I Do, I Think; Part 3: The Maltese Crichton)
Liars, Guns, and Money trilogy (Part 1: A Not So Simple Plan; Part 2: With Friends Like These; Part 3: Plan B)
Die Me Dichotomy (season finale)

Season 2 stand-alones to make sure you check out:

The Way We Weren't
Out of Their Minds (you already mentioned these two)
Crackers Don't Matter
Won't Get Fooled Again (based on past reactions, you will probably either love this or absolutely hate it; there will be a few episodes in seasons 3 and 4 that I will give a condiditional recommendation to, if liked WGFA then watch these but if you hated WGFA skip them [while you are picking and choosing, anyway])

I come to post my lists for seasons 3 and 4 later.
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Psi Cop
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Re: Firefly, WTF!

Season 3 arc eps:

Season of Death (season premiere)
Self Inflicted Wounds (Part 1: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda; Part 2: Wait for the Wheel)
Eat Me
Thanks for Sharing (This and Eat Me actually play much more like stand alone eps, except that there are one or two *major* plot points in them that reverberate for quite a while in the series. If there are too many eps here for what you can do at the moment, then these would be the ones to cut and pick up those couple pieces of info / backstory from the "Previously on ...." intros to later episodes)
Infinite Possiblities (Part 1: Daedelus Demands; Part 2: Icarus Abides)
Into the Lion's Den (Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter; Part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing)
Dog with Two Bones (finale; but much more of a setup for S4 than a climax of S3)

Stand alones:
Different Destinations
Green Eyed Monster
Scratch 'n Sniff (experimental episode; if you hated WGFA then you can probably skip this)
Revenging Angel (another experimental; but if you love Warner Bros. cartoons you might want to check it out even if you hate the other "experimentals")
The Choice ("stand alone", but .... do NOT watch this until after Infinite Possibilities 2 parter; a tour de force performance by Claudia Black in particular)
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Psi Cop
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Re: Firefly, WTF!

Season 4 arc

What Was Lost (Part 1: Sacrifice; Part 2: Resurrection)
Promises (This and the next one [Natural Election] are kinda like Eat Me and Thanks For Sharing in S3; they play out largely as stand-alones, but with a couple of *huge* arc plot points each)
Natural Election
Unrealized Reality
Terra Firma (these last 3 could very easily be a 3-part episode; but they weren't given an overarching title)
Bringing Home the Beacon
We're So Screwed (Part 1: Fetal Attraction; Part 2: Hot to Katratzi; Part 3: La Bomba)

Stand alones
John Quixote (another "experimental", apply the usual disclaimer / warning)
Twice Shy (actually, this is [IMHO] just a standard stad-alone; but the tag scene is pivotal to how things play gong forward; make of that what you will)
A Constellation of Doubt (not nearly as "experimental" as the ones that I warned you about; but not really a "normal" story telling either; and exercise in POV perceptions; Do NOT watch until after Bringing Home the Beacon)
Prayer (a stand lone, but like ACOD this should NOT be watched until after "Beacon").

You might also want to watch "Bad Timing", the S4 finale. I would be inclined to recomend that you wait until you can get the full set, though others might disagree. Dispite the fact that S5 was canceled (for now, anyway), the last thing on the screen in Bad Timing is "To Be Continued".
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First One
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Re: Firefly, WTF!

Thanks muchly. I'm really hoping to see as many as i can. Damn Farscape has balls. "To be continued" is typical of the producers.
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