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Re: Scrapped Kosh scene's

Originally Posted by Recoil View Post
Ya know, I was going to put "foot" in quotes because I knew that they technically didn't have any actual feet as it were, but I thought "nah, no one is actually going to call me out on using this figure of speech"

Guess I was wrong.

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Re: Scrapped Kosh scene's

The thing about "variant" images is that there are so many places they can come from. Some are publicity stills, some are just candid photos snapped on the set between takes. Others are from unused takes of a scene. You have to remember that every dialogue scene is basically shot at least three times - master shot showing the whole set and all speakers from start to finish, close-ups of each speaker, then reaction shots or other fill and "inserts" for specific actions like pressing buttons or drawing weapons. And each of these specific angles and camera set-ups is usually shot several times, to give the director and producers as many options as possible in the editing. So it isn't unusual for specific angles to show up in books or on the web that were never seen in a series or film, even if they don't represent "cut scenes" but just unused footage from scenes that did end up in the finished work, consisting of footage assembled from other takes.


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