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Getting to know vBulletin: quoting posts

I'll be posting a number of ad hoc topics to help you get the most out of vBulletin, and highlight key changes to what you may be used to with ubb.threads.

To reply to a message, just click the Quote button on the post in question. Their message will then be quoted for you to reply to.

vBulletin indicates, in the quoted message, who you are replying to. Just click the icon within the post, and you'll be taken to the previous message.

This is very handy if you need it. If you want to reply to multiple people in a thread, click the button on all the posts you wish to quote (the button will turn red once you've selected a post). Then click the Quote button on a post and you'll have multiple quoted posts in your reply.

You can even do it across different threads. Click this button in one thread, then click Quote in another thread and below the message window you can select to include the quotes from the other threads. Again, the icon will link to the original post -- even though it's in another thread.
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Re: Getting to know vBulletin: quoting posts

Multi-quoting: Its like it was invented for KoshN specifically to use.
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Re: Getting to know vBulletin: quoting posts

hoi i use multi quoting too!
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