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Re: Ethnicity: Do You Think JMS Keeps Count?

I seem to recall that some of the Drazi had different colorations going from grey to almost black to sort of purple-ish.

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Re: Ethnicity: Do You Think JMS Keeps Count?

Originally Posted by G'Quon View Post
And really, why would so many of the aliens be just Humans with bones, or reptile skin, or pointy ears? It's just easier.
I've also wondered why most of the aliens in the show had a humanoid appearance.The forms of life in the Universe could look so different from us and they may not have legs, arms or hair.I mean if a new viewer starts watching the show from Season 4 on, how could he/she tell the difference between Emperor Cartagia and the regular human?His hair is short and the six tenticles are hidden so he looks exactly like a human.

I think I've read a statement, made by JMS that "if you want a real performance, you need an actor" and he's probably right.It would be much harder for the viewers to accept Londo as a puppet for example, even if it is very realistic and professionally made like Rygel from "Farscape".I think that this is the main reason why aliens are humanoid in most of the Sci-Fi shows.
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Re: Ethnicity: Do You Think JMS Keeps Count?

That, and it's also cheaper. It's a shame that the insectoid N'Grath disappeared after the 1st season. B5 did feature both Shadows and Vorlons prominently. I think the reason for the encounter suit was mainly that a person could stand in it.

Star Trek at least postulated a reasonable reason for why most sentient races are bipedal humanoids.

Seems to me that B5 has quite a diverse cast for an American made show.
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Re: Ethnicity: Do You Think JMS Keeps Count?

Extremely diverse when you remember that the VIP who came in the S3 opener was from Africa. That never happens.
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