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Re: Pseudo-Science In Some Sci-Fi Shows

I personally found Signs to be pretty creepy for a while -- the first look at the alien (on the TV) was truly unsettling. But then they started showing more and more of the alien, and it got less creepy, and the exact same question came to me as well -- any alien allergic to water would have turned left at Mars and given us a wide, wide berth.
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Re: Pseudo-Science In Some Sci-Fi Shows

SG-1 again.I wonder if the writers of that show consulted any physicists before writing some of the episodes.In the last one I watched how a Goa'Uld mothership stolen by SG-1 was sent to another galaxy due to a forced explosion of a whole star.SG-1 is driven 125 years away from the Milky Way Galaxy at maximum FTL speed.After that the mothership was invaded by Replicators which made the ship travel at .................800 times the speed of light so our fellows were back in the Milky Way galaxy in minutes.

I hope that one day we will be able to travel between galaxies within minutes but it just sounds too good to be true.
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Re: Pseudo-Science In Some Sci-Fi Shows

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
I think they actually filmed Apollo 13 in the "vomit comet" -- the plane that goes up and goes into free fall on the way back down. Or are you talking about Lovell's dream sequence?
That too. Although on second thought I had a bit of a brain fart when I posted that. Obviously I meant the Tom Hanks produced HBO show From the Earth to the Moon.
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