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Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word

I disagree. I don't think another race would have made that station. Hell, the other races had space travel for hundreds or even thousands of years, if you're right, B5 should already have existed in the form of someone else's station with humans simply one delegate amongst many.
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Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word

Some notes:

-Did the League of Non-Aligned Worlds exist prior to B5? My impression was that it was a result of the formation of B5.

-The impression I got from IN THE BEGINNING was that those races with the ability to travel in space somehow knew to leave the Minbari alone. Clearly other races were interacting with each other before humans entered the mix. The question is would any of them bothered to have the idea for B5?

-I think a key phrase to remember is "commerce and diplomacy." Perhaps before humans came up with the idea for B5 the other races were limited to talking to each other when it came to commerce and the diplomacy of territorial disputes, but not overall governing policies.

-And don't forget there is also that little argument with regard to humans needing to an idea like B5 to create stability enough for them to rebuild their forces after the war.

And just to keep things on track. This is one of my favorite episodes and I think it is a brilliant concept, but I've said that before.
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