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Old November 3rd 05, 04:37   #41
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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

Yeah. That is cool. I like Ta'Lon.
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Old September 9th 07, 22:06   #42
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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

Whoops misclicd'd and gave it an A, intended to give it a B.

Anyway, it had many good dialog exchanges.

-Na'Far and Londo (really tugs on ones heartstrings)
-Londo and Vir immediately afterwards (good char development for vir)
-Na'Far and G'Kar (and G'kar's wonderful outburst)
-Garibaldi and Franklin at dinner (reminded me of a few discussions from my own life experiences)

The probe thing wasn't very exciting, but the dialog more than made up for it.
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Old September 3rd 10, 23:14   #43
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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

I agree that it's nice to have Ta'Lon show up again - the continuity of the show, including actors of small parts who take on a larger role later, is a great feature. By the way, am I the only one who is reminded of Klingons by the Narns? The honor issues, like cutting the hand with sword/knife, do strike me as being similar.

Ethics come into Narn conversations quite strongly in this episode - G'Kar's comments on starvation, for example. Does it really matter who supplies you with food for survival? Is it really better to die in freedom than to live as slaves?

I like the ending - our protagonists may be heroes, but mundane negotiations are what they have to get back to.
'The road goes ever on and on...' (JRRT)
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Old February 4th 15, 18:34   #44
Lennier's Tears
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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

This is an OK standalone (ish) episode. The probe plot is a bit "meh", but there's excellent stuff elsewhere in this episode.

The Narn and Centauri scenes are great. That scene with Londo and Na'Far... Whoa. Really excellent. And Vir, of course, looking extremely uncomfortable in the background.

I like Vir being sent off to Minbar, and the scenes between Londo and Delenn preceding that event. Watching the complexities of the Londo character is always an enjoyable thing.

It's nice to see Ta'Lon again. As I recall, the first time I watched this episode, I didn't realize that WAS Ta'Lon standing behind Na'Far, until the scene where he meets Sheridan at the bar. Clearly I am very perceptive ...

Na'Far is quite an interesting character, too. The whole Narn situation and the differences of opinion on how to deal with the occupation is interesting. I do wonder where all the women are. There don't seem to be any in this episode. There were one or two in that scene where they get a message from Narn in "Comes the Inquisitor". But, for the most part, we only see male "background" Narns on Babylon 5. What's the deal with that?

I hadn't really considered the similarities with the Klingons, but yes, I suppose there is some of that on display here.

Dr. Franklin and his stim habit .. I find it believable. Also Dr. Franklin being a "ladies' man" again... a recurring theme, for sure.

I kind of enjoy the chaotic trade negotiation scenes, although I'm not a big fan of that scene with the thuggish guy with the giant clawhammer thing. The dialog is believable enough .. You know there WOULD be a guy saying something just like that. Maybe it's the acting that puts me off. The "thugs" on Babylon 5 are always somewhat cartoonish.
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Old June 24th 19, 01:12   #45
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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
This is an OK standalone (ish) episode. The probe plot is a bit "meh", but there's excellent stuff elsewhere in this episode.
I always took the probe to be a key NON-STANDALONE plot point. I mean it was obviously sent by The Shadows or their allies.

So in my Prime viewing of B5 I have been skipping around a lot and just happened to watch this one the other night. It is sooooooooo good. I would say the showdown with the trade negotiation is my least favorite thing about this episode, but the concept lends a great detail of realism. Scratch that, the fact that Na'Far is never really mentioned again is my least favorite part. This is a multi-layered character. Is he just a Centauri stooge or is he operating in the manner he sees as the best chance the Narn?! I think it is just awesome, but then it never really becomes anything.

I actually thought of another complaint and that is maybe there is too much going on in the episode. I often fall back on my desire to have had more Babylon 5 exposition through longer episode arcs. I definitely feel like this one needed more air time. It is actually awkward how Sheridan kind of just leaves the probe stuff to Ivanova and goes off to deal with other situations. But all an all this is truly a great episode if only for the Na'Far scenes, especially the brilliant Londo scene. And the secondly brilliant Londo / Delenn scene.
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