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Predictions and expectations

So while talking to Looney in the Game of Thrones thread about predictions and expectations for the final episodes, it got me thinking about what people's various predictions for B5 were back in the day. I wasn't online during the first run of the show, so I never saw the discussions about what people thought might happen next.

So, what were some of the popular predictions back in the day? Did people see some of the plot twists coming, or were there any favourite outlandish theories? For example, between seasons 1 and 2, what did fans think Delenn was going to turn into? Between seasons 3 and 4 what did people think would happen to Sheridan? I know some people were disappointed in how the Shadow War ended, what were people's own theories about how that would end?
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Re: Predictions and expectations

Oooo good idea. Just off the top of my head, I definitely did not see the Shadow War ending the way it ended, but I don't think I am alone in that one.
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Re: Predictions and expectations

WOW REALLY?!?!?!?! I thought this was a great idea and nobody else has anything?!?!?!


In answer to some of you examples, I didn't see Season One in the original timeline. LOL I started watching the show at the start of Season 2, but I had seen some of it so I knew what she looked like before, but not enough to have predictions.

I made all KINDS of predictions after the fall at Z'Ha'Dum, but none of them included the introduction of The First One. LOL I remember thinking he was going to fall into something that somehow caught him. The fact that he was told to jump meant jumping was safe so that couldn't mean he was dead.

I would say I was disappointed in the Shadow War ending, but only with how quickly it seemed to wrap up. I didn't mind the method used, but I would have liked to see things stretched out to more episodes, but that is true for all aspects of B5. I think I predicted that somehow the Vorlons would come to their senses and stop fighting anyone who wasn't a Shadow.

Here are a couple of other items.

In ALL ALONE IN THE NIGHT, I thought Sheridan was going to be held captive longer than he was. I kind of wish he had been. That is an aspect of that episode I feel fell flat. They shouldn't have been able to wrap it up so quickly.

NEVER predicted Lennier's fate. Just didn't think things would happen that way. Same with Lyta.

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