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Re: Kosh and Lyta



I have always had the idea that the Vorlons tampered with all the younger races in such a way that we can't help but see them as angelic.


Justin said something like that in "Z'ha'dum" - Andrew Swallow

Then why didn't any of the human security guards who were shooting the hell out of him see Kosh II as an angel?

Possibly because of jamming by one or all of Lorien, Lyta and Kosh I. They were all present and active.


The interior surface of the central core is largely given over to agriculture, both to provide food and to generate oxygen. There don't seem to be all that many buildings or streets. True, several miles of the monorail are visible to observers on the surface. But how clearly can you make out an individual human from several miles away? 90% of the folks who could theoretically see the monorail are going to be too far away from the action to see anything.

Green Sector is several miles long and as you say contains all the agricultural areas. The Garden is at one end of Green Sector. The reactor end holds Alien Sector where the methane breathers live. The Red Sector end contains the ambassadorís residences and is close to Sheridan's Office. Thinking about it the Garden is at the reactor end.

At night a cigarette lighter can be seen from miles away. So people in Red Sector may be able to see Kosh's light but would not be able to make out his face. However, they did not see Kosh but a Psi transmission. Such a transmission can contain anything that Kosh wishes to put into it.

The other reason Kosh had to wait was so that Sheridan was too close to the ground for humans with jet packs to perform the rescue.
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Re: Kosh and Lyta

I watched Falling Toward Apotheosis tonight because I wanted to see that Vorlon fight scene again. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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