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Re: The incidents involving Delenn and Sheridan\'s son

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr> All indications are that there were only four (or three, depending on how you want to count) Entil'Zhas - Valen, Sinclair, Delenn (after she had left the Grey Council) and Sheridan. <hr></blockquote>
Sheriden and Susan were only Anla'shok Na? I had always thought they were full Entil'zha ... but maybe I was just paying close enough attention ...
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Re: The incidents involving Delenn and Sheridan\'s

It seemed that Joe was counting Sheridan, and placing the uncertainty part on how to count Sinclair. Ivanova on the other hand was never Entil'zha.

Besides, I would like to point out that unlike Centauri, Minbari do not consider positions of political influence inheritable in any manner. Delenn could not mean David Sheridan in anything involving the Council. She had much authority, but neither need nor authority for that. Typically, the current leader of the Council *chooses* the next leader, and the Council approves or disapproves. In addition to that, Valen's prophesies only covered what Sinclair knew, and not much more. They did not extend that far.
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