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Re: 20 years

i was about to read this thread but i just said "Fark it"
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Re: 20 years

It is beyond ridiculous, yes. [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

What need is being fed here, I wonder. When one pursues this kind of thing with this intensity for this long, I have to wonder.
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Re: 20 years

Beyond ridiculous?

When someone presents a thoughtful and interesting counterargument to my arguments, I feel obliged to address it. Actually, I find such debate quite refreshing, because it often brings up interesting questions.

I don't debate for the sake of proving anyone right/wrong, because in some matters that is impossible. Simply because debate is fun and interesting. Naturally, every person considers some topics more interesting then others.
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Re: 20 years

Lennier, I have to agree with Aarghman. Although there is no definitive scientific evidence for soul or persistance of personality in some fashion after death, your arguments only show that we don't know how such a thing could be possible, not that there can be no way in which it is. Consider a blind man and a movie projector. He would know that parts of it get hot when turned on, and if he holds his hand near it in a certain spot, it gets hot. But he would have no inkling of what a movie was or looked like. If our brain does project some form of energy we have not detected, we would have no better idea of what it was than the blind man has of a movie. You might find it interesting to read some philosophy about what is called the mind - body problem. Your take on that related subject would be interesting.
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Re: 20 years

Truth be told I usually avoid long discussions because it gets a little tired and eventually you land up running around in circles.
I must admit, I like debating with Lennier,because like his namesake, he presents a logical , well presented argument. Furthermore I have never seen him lose his temper.
Unfortunately we have entered the realm of fact versus faith.
Shaky grounds at the best of times. Not the faith of the church but something in the that encompasses more thean than the human compliance with the releigion of their choice.
Lennier has his feet planted in the grounds of facts and I, well I have my belief in the "out there" policy. Makes for an intersting discussion! [img]/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
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