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Re: RIP Jeff Conaway

Originally Posted by LondosHair View Post
Jeff's best scene -- the one-take from Thirdspace with Pat.

Yes! Loved that scene!!

(she looked amazingly hot too, didn't she?)
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Re: RIP Jeff Conaway

I like all the scenes you mention plus his appearances in Sleeping in Light - remiscing with Sheridan over the voices in the walls... and the shot of him pullling an "otherwise engaged" Vir into line to do some state business.
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Re: RIP Jeff Conaway

The thing I liked about B5 was that it involved blue collar people in some form other than cannon fodder, or low-caste lackies. Garibaldi and Zac were both blue collar people, no particular education, no apparent big breaks in their past, just hard work. The thing I like about Jeff was that he brought his own yankee street kid past through in the part, and made Zac more than just a superficial third banana.
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Re: RIP Jeff Conaway

This is very sad news indeed. My thoughts are with his family.

He had a genre spanning career, it should be celebrated.
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Re: RIP Jeff Conaway

I just noticed the new pic of Jeff Conaway at the top of the page. Well done. In memory still bright.
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Re: RIP Jeff Conaway

I had no idea he had such a problem. He was far too young to go. It's very sad news.
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Re: RIP Jeff Conaway

Just got the sad news. What a terrible shame, he was one of my favourites and will be missed greatly.

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Re: RIP Jeff Conaway

R.I.P Jeff
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Re: RIP Jeff Conaway

found this on NME's site. Liam Gallagher (former Oasis frontman) Interview.

"Gallagher also claimed that late actor Jeff Conaway offered him "a line" during one of his trips to the US.

"I went out … to this Marilyn Manson gig, and that guy from Grease with the walking stick—what's his fucking name? He died a couple weeks ago. He was there and asked me if I wanted a line. I'm like 'What the f"$? You're meant to be in f"$ing rehab'."

Conaway, who played Kenickie in the big screen musical, passed away earlier this year after battling drug and alcohol addiction.

Gallagher didn't specify when he crossed paths with the troubled star, but mentioned it happened shortly after he watched US TV show Celebrity Rehab, which has been broadcast since 2008 and has coincidentally featured Conaway."

How terribly sad.
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