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B5 fanart

Hi there, apologies if this is in the wrong location DX.

So I made a new B5 fanart and wanted to share it. It's of my favorite scene from the novel To Dream in the City of Sorrows.

Sinclair didn't want to believe it. "There has to be a way. Just how much more haven't you told me? What about it Ambassador Ulkesh? Maybe Draal doesn't know, but what about the Vorlons? Do you know where she went? what year, what century?"
"It is irrelevent," Ulkesh said.
"irrelevent?" Sinclair instantly was on his feet and around the table. "you son of a bitch bastard!"

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Re: B5 fanart

**clicks the like button**

I saw this on Facebook. Can you tell?
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Re: B5 fanart

Great picture! If you have more please feel free to share!

I have moved this to B5 related though.
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Re: B5 fanart

thanks so much guys!, I do have two others but I feel this one is my best so far .

So I have a lineart of a 'what if' encounter between a drunk and jovial Londo and a not too impresses Ulkesh.


and a crossover where The Animaniacs (Warner brothers and the warner sister!) come aboard Babylon 5.

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babylon 5, ulkesh, vorlon

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