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Lennier's Tears
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Re: EpDis: Darkness Ascending

So, I don't at all deal well with anger, and I'm sure that's informing my opinions. Other people's anger, I mean. I absolutely do get angry myself on occasion, but I'm much more likely to just experience on the inside, rather than direct it at any actual people. Which isn't to say I have never in my life raised my voice in anger, because I have, and I don't think that that's necessarily a bad thing ... But yea, I don't deal well when it's directed at me, or even when I'm seeing it directed at someone else.

It isn't so much the anger I'm objecting to here, but the way the anger is expressed. I was going to add some caveat here about how I don't have the clearest memory of this argument, because I am not nearly as familiar with Season 5 episodes as I am with all the other episodes, but what do you know, I already said that right here in the thread! (Turns out that in my late thirties, I'm basically just constantly repeating myself ). The language "pulling a stunt like that" doesn't seem like it's coming from a partner, directed at another partner, in a relationship of equals. It sounds like something a parent would say to a child, or maybe an educator to a student. I feel like Sheridan can only speak to Delenn in that way BECAUSE they are in a romantic relationship. As political allies, he doesn't really have the authority to talk to her like that. I mean, sure, he is the President of the Interstellar Alliance. But she is older, wiser, and more experienced. (I don't actually know how old Delenn is, but I am reasonably sure she is a good bit older than him ... If you can compare human and Minbari ages). It makes me extremely uncomfortable, though I'll admit I absolutely have a hair trigger for that sort of stuff so I don't necessarily expect anyone else to see what I see.

I said in the other thread that it also made me extremely uncomfortable to see Delenn lie to Sheridan and go behind his back, so I'm uncomfortable with both of them here, and I feel like that whole storyline is just there to further the Lennier-going-through-puberty-or-whatever-the-hell-that-is story so I kinda just wish it wasn't there
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