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Completed The Series

Well, my wife and I completed the series. She was just crying and crying over the final series episode and I was moved by it.


The sadness of Delenn, the empty Zocalo, the destruction of the station...it was all sad and moving. And when Sheridan passed, it was also very affecting.

We should have watched the last two movies first but we will next time we watch the series.

We also watched THE LOST TALES. It was better than expected...I didn't have a problem with the stories. Just the feeling that Babylon 5 was empty. That was the worst part...the effects were awesome and I was drawn into the stories but to see only hallways and the landing pad in B5, I never really felt like I was there. Maybe the budget will increase for the next one.
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Re: Completed The Series

Hell of ending, wasn't it? My wife was crying. I had a big, oblong lump in my throat more than once. It was shockingly sad and beautiful at the same time. We had been waiting 5 years for the end of the story and it did not disappoint.

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Re: Completed The Series

Very interesting. I just started my fourth pass through the series this week. I saw it all the way through on the original broadcasts. Watched and taped it on a re-broadcast but was probably paying too much attention to the taping. Viewed the tapes from beginning to end about three years ago and am now watching the DVDs on a big screen HDTV. Since I am simply free to watch without worrying about the taping or trying to fast-forward through commercials, I am enjoying it a lot more, seeing and hearing subtleties never before discovered. I'm only 4 episodes into season 1; a long journey to follow.
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Re: Completed The Series

OK...I admit...I shed one tear...it was moving...more moving that Deep Space Nine's ending, which got me as well.
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Re: Completed The Series

I watched it again the other night. I honestly thought I was okay and was going to get through it without crying for the first time... but it just didn't happen!!
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Re: Completed The Series

The tears ran like a river the first time I watched the end...and I still get a tear or two no matter how many times I see it...
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Re: Completed The Series

It really was a sentimental moment. On several levels. Yea, it's very well done. I've never been able to see it without tearing up.

And it's one episode I've never heard a fan claim wasn't exciting enough.

It was a wonderful end to a truly unique series.
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Re: Completed The Series

I used to cry every time I watched Sleeping in Light but after seeing it more times than I could count, I just got goosebumps.
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Re: Completed The Series

There's something tantric about it... you try to hold back your emoition as the station gradually goes up... but when the obs dome goes up with the extra bang... thats it, it becomes an entire level harder to resist shedding a tear... or getting goosepbumps.

I believe that extra bang is deliberate and is designed to encourage the emotional response.
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Re: Completed The Series

I must be more emotionally detached that you lot. I didn't even come close to crying and too busy enjoying it. Sad more because it was the end of the whole story. :s

I was too busy counter-analysing what Sheridan had become - one interpretation that tracks is being slowly transformed by Lorien into that same sort of first-one being as him. Sheridan's 'prize' for seeing the big picture. Why else would Lorien come back? Why else would there be no physical body left behind? Then wondering if there is any B5-universe physics connection between him and what also happened to Ironheart.

So he didn't die at all, he's just went to a better place... if you want it that way.

One of the annoying inconsistencies of B5 was that some characters always tell truth, others always lie and others keep changing their minds. It's difficult to know when JMS is trying to tell you about the intricacies of the B5 universe, or wether it's characterised spin. Clearly by this ending Lorien was lying when told Sheridan and Delenn that he would simply 'stop', as that was a definite transformation into something more or into nothingness.

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