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Re: Star Trek Picard Series

Just watched the finale, I have some mixed feelings towards it.

[Spoilers, so be warned]

I didn't like the silly Romulan myth and the tentacled aliens that were coming through the portal. In fact, I've not liked the Romulans at all in this series – they don't feel like Romulans to me. So I guess what Narek was saying is not that it was prophecy, but that history repeats and that android civilisations always call down those android overlords.

I also didn't like the lazy starship design - the new Starfleet design (Curiosity-class, apparently) was cool enough, can see it as an evolution of the Enterprise E, but would have hoped to have seen some variety in both fleets.

I really hated Rios calling Nerak a 'snakehead', I think he used that terminology last episode too. It was used as a derogatory term in Babylon 5, I certainly do not expect to hear it in Star Trek (and for Rios to not even get called out for using it).

Can someone remind me where that bit of magic technology came from? I have no recollection but I guess it must have been an earlier episode?

On the other hand, I liked the character interactions, I liked that the conclusion wasn't a big space battle but an appeal to the better angels of Soji's nature. Narek teaming up with Rios, Elnor and Raffi was something I didn't expect, so that was cool. Really liked Picard and Data's final meeting, I thought that was lovely, and Riker showing up leading the fleet made me smile (though it did make little sense for him to be the one leading it unless he'd made overtures to Starfleet after Picard departed his planet).

The season has been a bit of a bumpy ride, and not quite the fantastic television event I'd hoped for, but I think half of the episodes have been good, two or three okay, and only one or two have been bad IMO. I'd give the season overall a B-.

Originally Posted by Ubik View Post
Characters are mysteriously emotional about people they barely know! The entire crew have barely had the chance to get to know each other, yet they are all VERY upset about Picard.
Raffi and Elnor have history with Picard going back years. They had a right to be emotional. Rios was melancholic about it, Seven didn't seem to much care (I'd love to know how she first met Picard). Soji and Agnes were obviously busy doing something about it.

Also, Data and Picard were never that close and the whole data thing feels weirdly tacked on.
I think the emphasis on their friendship was more of a movie thing – First Contact and Nemesis in particular. Though rewatching TNG, I think Picard gets as close to Data as he does any of the crew, but more in a father figure way.

I think what haunted Picard isn't just that Data died, it's that he died to save Picard. I liked that Picard called Data sacrificing himself the most 'Data' thing he'd ever done. I always saw it as the most human thing Data ever did, and seeing as he wanted to be human, it felt right for his character progression (and yet it also felt wrong as I hated that they killed Data).

I feel like they could have opted for a 2 hour pilot movie that throws the disparate characters together, then we get proper 'episodes' on the ship.
I do agree with this sentiment, but it seems the way of the TV world today to stretch stories out over endless episodes, I don't think Picard is the only one afflicted by this. I was just watching Confessions and Lamentations today (I know, topical) and I really marvelled at how JMS got so much story into 43 minutes. If that had been made today the plague story would have been stretched over a season and we'd have all been interminably bored by it.

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Re: Star Trek Picard Series

With all this extra time I now find on my hands I subscribed to the free week trial and have crammed all of 'Picard and 'Discovery into slightly over two days.

I have a lot if the same sentiments that you have all shared. I'm not really sure what my expectations were going into it, but I can say that overall I was satisfied. I too was confused as to the amount of emotion several off these characters felt for each other in so short a time. Some things here and there seemed a little too forced.

It'll be curious to see what the arc next season will be. It sounds like Guinan will return as Stewart invited Goldberg to join. Maybe next season will finally give us the one answer we've been dying to know for nearly 31 years...whatever happened to Dr. Pulaski? 😅
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