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Re: Children of Dune (spoilers)

I waited to watch all three parts broadcast together on Sunday evening. I switched to war news during the commercials -- switching from Arrakis to Iraqis -- pretty surreal. I liked CoD, and I liked the first SciFi Dune too, but I think CoD was a bit better. Most of the acting was rather good. I do have a small quibble with one of my favorite actresses, Susan Sarandon. I think she should have played her part colder, and more formal.
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Re: Children of Dune (spoilers)

I enjoy Children of Dune very much. I also have the opportunity to see the mini series Dune because I didn't see it the first time. Since I haven't read the books I was a bit lost at first with all the characters and the relations but after seeing completely understand it a bit more. And thanks to it I decided to buy the books. I find the mini series a quality production, love the story and the acting in it.
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