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B5 in New Languages?

Babylon 5 is currently available in many languages - as subtitles, in the horrible "dubbed" format, and more. However, I believe the world would be a better place is everyone got a chance to watch, digest, and understand the entire series.

While we are truly blessed the be in a forum of highly intelligent people - many of whom speak multiple languages - we have a responsibility.

Here are the languages B5 is available in: English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Greek.

No small task! I challenge you to find another show with that much translation... but we can do better.

My father (bless his heart!) has never seen B5. I'm starting on him next week. He's a professor of Arabic. My point?

B5, as far as I can tell, is the most translated show in the history of TV. I have not done any scientific studies, I haven't maintained any statistics. However, I believe if those of us who speak languages B5 has NOT yet explored, and we bring friends / family into the loop, we can bring B5 to a whole new audience.

Anyone know Hebrew? Anyone know Latin? (Koshus Maximus est deius. <grinus>) Farsi? Cantonese?

You get my point. People tend to focus on getting a new B5 film / series / whatever through US TV only. However, B5 is far and away the most successful international sci-fi show EVER (trek included). Leverage that instead of US citizenship, and maybe we'll have some power!

Either way, the world deserves Bab. And Bab deserves the world.

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Re: B5 in New Languages?

The Season 1 Region 2 DVDs have subtitles in both Arabic and Turkish.
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