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First One
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Re: Defending Enterprise at TCA

my hopes were revived a bit and I am waiting on the new season I thin kit could be promiseing as long as the storyline is good.
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Re: Defending Enterprise at TCA

The more I read about this show, the better I feel about not watching it.
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Re: Defending Enterprise at TCA

Amen to that. Enterprise = dead horse. If it were anything other than Trek it would have been rightfully cancelled by now.
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Mike G
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Re: Defending Enterprise at TCA

*NO PRIME DIRECTIVE!!* So glad to see them exploring human/alien relations without fear of breaking the "cardinal law" of the future Starfleet.
I agree, and I think it will be interesting to see *why* the prime directive will be created. (We already saw a little).

The character of Trip - no-nonsense, get-the-job-done kinda guy, somebody you'd wanna go to a party with.

Phlox - the dude cracks me up.. but has also proven to be a very strong character.

I agree on Phlox, but I think that Trip has been massively over used. He's a good character and a fine actor, but I think that Malcom needs to step up and take center stage. (like that double cliché? ) He was awesome in "Minefield"


Too many self-contained episodes, not enough "bigger picture." They have started acknowledging this as of the end of Season Two, and I like it. I want a story, not an hour-long adventure with a quick 5-7 minute wrap-up that leaves me saying "huh, so that happened."
Exactly. I read something onSection31.com that sumed it up perfectly:

I think Enterprise has reached "make or break" time. They have been developing potential for great episodes for two years now, and they are at that time when they can go down one of two paths. Either they follow in the footsteps of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and give us high-quality science fiction / drama while exploring the greater questions of life and existence, or they follow Star Trek: Voyager, and give us week after week of mediocrity, never realizing their full potential. Season three is important for this series, because it will determine which path the show takes.

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