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I didn't hear any particular chatter about it on this site, but man oh man was there a firestorm about the GI Joe movie a couple years back amongst my fellow conservatives in the point-and-screamosphere. I don't really know why having the Joe team be NATO-ish is supposed to be a bad thing ("No one can trust those swarthy French!"), but there it is.

The thing that cracked me up about all that is that quite obviously the people complaining (A) hadn't been paying attention since about 1980 - I mean, the Joes have been an anti-terrorist force for like 30 years now! - and (B) were just looking for something to be outraged about. It was a slow news month, I guess.

Anyway, it'd be interesting to see what they make of this

Personally, I'm intrigued. I've always had a weird love for the Joe cartoons.
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