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Not to long ago I bought the Jericho seasons 1 and 2 boxsets at a good price. I had heard about how good this show was and never saw it when it was on air because of my work schedule. All I can say is.... Damn good show.... No, a great show. I put it right behind Babylon 5 and ahead of Jeremiah as my all time favorites. I just find it hard to believe that Jericho could not capture a large enough audience to stay on air. I guess a lot of people just do not have the attention span to watch a tv show that has a drawn out continuing storyline. How all this reality tv crap stays on the air ( Jersey Shore etc... ) is beyond my understanding. Anyone else like Jericho ?
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It was a good show. I wouldn't rate it as good as B5 but that's me.

They do seem to cancel all the good shows & keep the crappy ones around for years though...
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