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Re: Site issues - apologies

Originally Posted by Dusty Satai View Post
Being very new to the forum I had no idea there had been a crash. At my first visit I was surprised that there were so few threads in a forum that have been around for a while. I figured there had been a purge of inactive threads or something similar.

When did B5TV go online by the way?
Not purged, just filtered out by site options default.

The site default is to go back only a year in each forum. If you change the display options to go back to the beginning you will see a lot of the old threads.
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Re: Site issues - apologies

Yeah I joined B5LR back then. I do not remember my ID though. I also do not remember why I didn't keep up with it. Of course, after the downfall of THE LOST TALES I sort of went on B5 hiatus. LOL
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Re: Site issues - apologies

Well remembered on B5LR

Originally Posted by Sinclair View Post
I'd forgotten all about it originally being B5LR! I came over from Antony's old Star Trek forum.
Oh wow... that must be Star Trek Central which was folded into Fandom.

That's a blast from the past!

I used to love those days when you could setup a website, get an audience, make some fair money via advertising and feel like you've built something.
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Re: Site issues - apologies

That's probably been around 20 years or more!
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Re: Site issues - apologies

Are there currently any registration issues going on? There is someone posting messages on JMS News about trying to register here, but they are not getting a response to the email option. Thought I should check to see if there is an issue or if maybe registration is currently closed.
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Re: Site issues - apologies

I didn't want to have to post in here but I don't think I have a choice.

My avatar and profile picture aren't showing up even after checking to be sure I have the right options enabled. I'm on a 7th gen iPad running iOS 14.3 and using Safari. What gives?
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