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A -- Excellent 1 7.14%
B -- Good 4 28.57%
C -- Average 2 14.29%
D -- Poor 7 50.00%
F -- Failure 0 0%
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Old September 29th 08, 19:26   #1
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EpDis: The Lost Tales: Over Here

Lurker's Guide Main Page for The Lost Tales: Voices In The Dark

"Over Here" is the Lochley half of the story.
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Old September 29th 08, 23:15   #2
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Re: EpDis: The Lost Tales: Over Here

I gave it a D because of the production values (or lack thereof) and the fact that I thought the story was poor. Doesn't quite make it up to C level.
Mac Breck (KoshN)
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Max Eilerson: "The story of my life. I finally find a city like this, intact, deserted for ten thousand years. Probably contains hundreds of patents that I could exploit and I'm going to die. I can appreciate dramatic irony as much as the next person, but this is pushing it a bit."
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Old December 31st 18, 05:15   #3
Lennier's Tears
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Re: EpDis: The Lost Tales: Over Here

Well. Not much here

I just watched this for the first time since the first and only time I watched it, when I first got the DVD. I remembered pretty much none of it.

I kinda like the idea of an anthology series in the Babylon 5 universe, but this particular story didn't do much for me. I did remember that What I like about it: I thought the guest actors were good. The exterior shots are lovely, it's really nice to see higher quality shots of the station. The re-use of the end scenes from the show with that gorgeous soundtrack.

I guess I'll head to the "Over There" thread for the rest of it
I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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Old January 15th 19, 02:47   #4
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Re: EpDis: The Lost Tales: Over Here

I LOVE the anthology idea, but I don't think JMS could have picked a worse story to start with. I don't hate the story itself, but I definitely remember feeling like it was a HUGE mis-step to present this as the first LOST TALE. And I've never been a fan of stories like this. I like what JMS tried to do with it, but still not a plot I am a fan of. And I can't imagine if this was someone's introduction to the B5 Universe. If this had been the first story I ever saw that took place in this Universe it would have also been the last story I ever saw that took place in this Universe. The only thing that salvaged it for me is I already knew JMS and the B5 Universe.
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