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Old September 3rd 18, 20:33   #31
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Re: EpDis: Secrets Of The Soul

Originally Posted by Chilli View Post

Franklin giving holier-than-thou crap to a race for genocide which was commited on its planet 800 years ago? Come on. Like humans had, at that point, not commited genocide in the last 800 years. Franklin just wouldn't be such a tosspot.

Okay. One of his guys gets attacked in downbelow. He's brought into medlab, Franklin is trying to save him. Franklin asks Byron what happened. Byron, while seeming perfectly composed, gives Franklin something along the lines of ..

"He was attacked. By one of YOU."

Yeah, right. FRANKLIN is to blame. He's a normal, so of course he approves of this kind of stuff. Never mind the part where Franklin was running the underground railroad for years, getting thousands of telepaths out of Psi Corp, doing more for telepaths than Byron ever would do. What a petty little bigot Byron is.

Never mind the complete retardedness of his assertion in the end that the whole universe is to blame for his problems.
Franklin: oh, I think he *could* very well be just such a tosspot. It's not the first time he's been, as you said, holier-than-thou, and an annoying little know-it-all.
Still, even for him, this was extreme. You'd think he'd learned some humbleness during B5 years.

Then again: I've never been a Franklin fan. I don't *not* like him - I'm just not a fan.

Byron has the same awesome type of logic as Franklin. Some people (in Byron's case, some other race, Vorlons) did something several hundred years ago, and boom, mundanes are to be blamed and have to be held accountable. The present day mundanes - who have nothing whatsoever to do with what happened to all Vorlon-treated races generations ago - should compensate to teeps. Why? What's the logic? I get that Byron is very upset, and he has the chip on his shoulder, and he's a martyr-in-the-making, but still. How is it possible, even for a second, to entertain the thought that present-day people are somehow indebted to teeps for the things Vorlons did?

I have nothing against a bit of stylish voyeurism in fiction but the sex scene with the telepaths all gathering to watch was intensely creepy. ***brrr***
Yeah, in ordinary circumstances they probably would've kept an illusion of privacy and not purposefully started to stare - I guess it was Lyta's visions that woke them up and startled them into staring. And of course it was meant to illustrate the "look we are all one happy family, no barriers!" mentality.
Nevertheless, nightmarishly creepy.

Originally Posted by GaribaldisHair
I always felt the point of Byron was to draw the distinction between the fact that he isn't the most likeable of people but that ultimately he does have a point about the way telepaths are treated. Can the audience sympathise with his situation and his cause without liking him?
Of course. I don't think there's anyone who would say that telepaths are treated nicely as a group. They are feared, so they must be contained => psicorps, which is a great example of a group containing itself. Creating, at the same time, an excellent way of highlighting the differences and building even higher barriers between teeps and mundanes.
I don't like Byron but he has a point, obviously. He is a character guaranteed to awaken mixed feelings. Just because I disagree with his style and his methods, doesn't mean his original goals aren't justified.

I feel for poor Zack Lyta would've had a good thing there. A truly kind soul.
If the primates that we came from had known that someday politicians would come out of the gene pool, they'd have stayed up in the trees and written evolution off as a bad idea! (Sheridan / A distant star)
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Old September 5th 18, 22:39   #32
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Re: EpDis: Secrets Of The Soul

Oddly enough some of the reasons listed are reasons I AM a Franklin fan. I see him as the Human character with the broadest spectrum. He genuinely has really good qualities and really bad qualities. I was just watching CONFESSIONS AND LAMENTATIONS, 2.18, and you really see how stress, and stems, make him a really S.O.B. For me Franklin is the most HUMAN of the human characters, flaws and all.

And yes I definitely agree about how odd it is that Byron expects current day society to take responsibility for what the Vorlons did. BUT I think it is excellent because what else is he supposed to do?! It is a VERY real reaction. When confronted with such information all someone in his position can do is point the finger of blame toward whomever his confused little mind can think of because he has built himself up as a leader and a leader needs to provide answers when their followers ask who is to blame.
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Old September 6th 18, 12:01   #33
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Re: EpDis: Secrets Of The Soul

It's probably the fact that humans have committed genocides that got up Franklin's nose in the first place. While the genocide might have been 800 years ago the current generation were willing to kill in order to cover it up. That puts them at the same level as Holocaust deniers at the very least. I can't blame Franklin in the slightest for getting angry at that. Maybe he did go overboard with it, but someone had just tried to kill him.
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