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Re: B5 Reboot?? Is it true??!!?!

My own take, I honesty don't think the reboot is going to happen. I'd even put money on it.

If the CW were genuinely excited by it, it would be in the running this year. Pickup is probably even less likely if CW gets sold. Who is to say Mark Pedowitz will still be in post if a sale of CW goes through.

However, if Nexstar Media Group bite and focus on the cable market (already their bread and butter), I feel like a lot of this stuff is doomed to failure if the move is away from streaming platforms. Hard to say if they will retain the relationship with Netflix, one would hope they will.

Not getting picked up may be a saving grace, because the new administration under Nexstar might have just axed it after one season due to a reshuffle. That would have potentially been even more painful than nothing at all.

I really wish HBO MAX had an interest, it would sit so much better with them.
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