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Rare Babylon 5 collectibles

Curious on everyones thoughts on what are the hardest to find collectible items and a brief description of any that you might have. One item, I wish I had but have not seen for sale on Ebay or anywhere else for a few years was the day planner from TNT. I saw one listed for $ 15, buy it now on ebay maybe 5 years ago. I went to log in and buy it and it was gone that fast. At that moment, I said my first curse word in my adult life. Ok, several curse words. Hoped I would see another one pop up on Ebay but no luck. I guess the seller did not know how valuable that day planner was to B5 fans. Also, any props or one of a kind items from the show that you would never part with. Lastly, does anyone have a used prop from SLEEPING IN LIGHT ? Now that would be cool.

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