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Re: EpDis: The Geometry Of Shadows

I think it's quite possible to be both stupid and brave, narrow-minded and noble. At the end of the day, the Drazi are tough sons of bitches who you'd want at your back when the shit goes down, but they need to work on thinking things through a bit.

They're kind of opposite of the Minbari, who are elegant and seemingly sophisticated and "pure," but their weaknesses are the same as anyone else once you scratch the surface. The Drazi's weaknesses are obvious, but at the core of many is something worth respecting.

The purple/green thing is OK. Maybe kind of silly in concept but I just love watching it play out. One of Ivanova's better moments, IMO (and I'm not a fan) because she doesn't ham it up here as she usually does, even though there's plenty of opportunity for it.

I must be the only hardcore B5 fan that doesn't like technomages. They're a bit too sword 'n' sorcery D&D kind of stuff for Babylon 5.
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