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Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Well, they do still have Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary, right? I'm disappointed that they cancelled Eureka, and have followed those three shows on DVD. I haven't had the channel since it moved to Digital on COMCAST in January 2004, but I will probably be moving to Digital Starter before June 5th, and Syfy is included in that package. I'm cringing at the thought of seeing commercials for f-ing wrestling or their Reality TV BS.

Regarding Warehouse 13, Yes, Pete is irritatingly stupid at times, but the rest of the show is entertaining and anything that keeps Joanne Kelly onscreen is OK by me.

I watched the Battlestar Galactica (2003) miniseries (glorified 3 hr. movie) on The Sci-Fi Channel in December 2003 and watched through Season 3 and Razor via buying the DVD sets, grew increasingly tired of this trashy soap opera starting in Season 2. Finally, after Razor, I couldn't stand it anymore and sold my DVD sets in disgust.
Sactuary Season 4 ended in a way that could open new doors, or be satisfying as a Series Finale. No word yet, on if SyFy will pickup Sanctuary for S5 (Likely will be the last) or if they will cancel. The Producers could go somewhere else for airing/financing, so, if SyFy does decide to pass, therre's still a chance, but, right now, it's in Limbo, waiting for an overdue SyFy Channel response.

I enjoy DS9 almost as much as B5, personally and by coincidence, I just started watching Voyager to give it another chance (Watched maybe half of in first run). The first couple episodes have been pretty decent so far.
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