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Re: Why were space sci fi shows like B5 heavily stigmatized by the mainstream?

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
Ohhhhhh this opens a whole can of psychology worms. LOL

While Ubik has a point that today it is more accepted by the mainstream, I disagree to the degree. I think mainstream society is more accepting of certain types of Science Fiction - mainly that involving superheroes, but I don't see them really getting behind Space Based Science Fiction, with the exception of Star Wars which I feel falls more into a Fantasy Category.

Time will create change. The whole table top / role playing angle is sooo connected to that. One need only look to when those games came into existence. Then look to who grew up playing them. Then look to who started gaining a hand in the influence of pop culture. I mean that can completely wrap up the argument. People who shunned those things in the past have been replaced by people who played them or were accepting of them.

With Space based Science Fiction I think there might actually be psychological issues connected with why people still don't flock to see Star Trek or something closer to a more believable future for humans in Space. On the flip of that they seem all too ready to watch things that involve our future near extinction by things from Space or by other means. They don't want to see a new Space Opera, but they do want to see how we fight back against the Aliens or Zombies that nearly killed off the human race. And they will go in droves to see humans who have superpowers in Space or wherever else.

What kind of psychological issues?

Do people feel powerless nowadays and this causes them to go to superheroes or post apocalyptic settings rather than deep space sci fi?
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