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Re: Babylon 5 Fan Films

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
Somebody posted a rumor on a B5 Facebook page recently about some fan films that were supposedly going to be made without JMS' involvement or approval. One of the regulars on the moderated newsgroup posted a question about it to JMS. You can read the entire post here but the bottom line is: Ain't happening. Won't happen because WB owns it and protects its copyrights.

Yeah, Trek has Phase 2 but that's Paramount, not WB. Apples and rutabagas.

That link didn't lead to anything concerning fanfilms, it was about the Hyperion picking up a signal while in hyperspace.

Anyway, assuming that's roughly the same date as the conversation with JMS about fanfilms, then it's twenty years old. A lotta' lotta' lotta' stuff has changed since then. Warners absolutely positively allows fanfilms. There's a zillion of them out there involving DC characters, which are far more lucrative than B5.

Warners wouldn't sue. In fact, it'd probably help the franchise as a whole get some attention and boost sales.

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