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Re: Babylon 5 Fan Films

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post
At this point, I'd settle for a series of crappy new paperbacks with a bit more oversight from JMS. I mean, why not?
(realizing that you may have meant to be rhetorical but...) Money, mostly. First, nobody's looking to publish more B5 books because in today's blockbuster mentality they didn't make enough of it. Second, WB charges a pretty penny to license it and finally, JMS wouldn't come cheap, either.

Have you listened to the Babylon Podcasts where they interviewed JMS, Republibot? It my leave you gnashing your teeth but JMS explains why there's currently no B5 in various forms and the *one* possibility that still exists. Check out and look for shows 161 & 162.

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