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Garibaldi,what you playing at man.First bit of action to come your way in years and you decide to go all moral.Not on and not believable.
The squadies behaved like squadies,shallow and out for cheap laughs.
As for the brawl it is in my opinion impossible to do these things realisticly as in real life they are pretty nasty and it would never be allowed on a programme with this sort of audience.A 18 rating would be needed for any real brawl.This is why you don't see any blood.
They all die,I actually like that.One of the differances of B5 compared to other series was the fact that people are just killed off.No last minute rescues or escapes just dead.Adds the realism that war is no game.
I also liked the fact that earth was using its military might once again.Was this because of shadow influence or was the EA thinking that they had to flex their muscles.
Once again,Garibaldi you are either gay or have been castrated.Single men never say no to a bit of no strings attached fun.
Well I don't anyway.
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