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Re: EpDis: The Wheel Of Fire

Though there's plenty happening in this episode, it does feel like the quiet after the storm. We're moving toward closure, tying up loose ends, and the main characters are leaving the station.

Finally! Garibaldi's drinking problem comes out into the open and forces Sheridan and the others to draw consequences. It's about time. I like the bit of character development that takes place with Lochley and him; it gives some background to their enmity.

I'm not a Lise fan, but in this case, she's the best thing that could happen to Garibaldi. Her willingness to help him, and her asking him to help her provide him with a new lease on life.

Lyta has turned scary - I wouldn't want to have her around with those powers, directed by that anger. Interesting line: "I do not choose to be arrested." Sheridan's resistance as a result of his contact with the Vorlons (and presumably also with Lorien) is a fascinating detail.

The G'Kar statuette is an amusing play with merchandising objects, and the whole situation makes his wish to get away from it all quite understandable.

Delenn's pregnancy appears to be unexpected. I would think that it would have had to be engineered and consciously sought in a cross-cultural marriage, but for whatever reasons, it's possible without that effort, I guess. Sheridan is so sweet in his mixture of concern and delight.

Loneliest of all is the character who already left B5 - Londo. Seeing him like that is sad.
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