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Re: JMS approved Chronological viewing order

I think the biggest continuity issue about where to place Thirdspace is Zack's uniform, which we see him get at the beginning of Atonement. My own head canon is that his uniform was torn during the fighting in Thirdspace, so he needed a new one, and if we remember in Voices of Authority he was complaining about his old EA uniform not fitting right, so maybe his B5 uniform had also not fitted properly, so he asked for the Minbari tailors to re-measure him. Doesn't quite fit with his grumbling about having to wear the uniform though.

That's just my head canon though. Truth is, wherever you put Thirdspace, either after Illusion of Truth which was JMS' original intention, in the middle of Moments of Transition (I'm not keen on this placing - it means Delenn has to go backwards and forwards between the station and Minbar) or somewhere else, it doesn't fit neatly anywhere.

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