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Re: EpDis: And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place

I found one minor quibble- that the clerics working as underground intelligence were from every major religion, one each.
It isn't like those guys were the entire organization. Each major religion sent one representative because spaceflight is still damned expensive. The larger religions would have more members and therefore more potential recruits, religious establishments in more countries and cities, more money, etc. Smaller religions may well have been involved, but lacked the numbers or wherewithal to send a delegate, and so were content to be represented by one of the others.

The Catholics may well only have been represented because Brother Theo and his monks were already in residence.

As was so often the case, JMS was drawing on history in setting this up. Religious organizations have acted performed secret intelligence work from time immemorial. The Spanish missionaries both reported on conditions in the New World and discoveries of minerals and other resources and tried to keep an eye on the governors sent out to exploit them. The Jesuits are famous for their skills as cryptographers and for moving information across borders undetected. (One of these days somebody is going to write the full story of the high stakes poker game played by Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, John Paul II and Mikhial Gorbachev that started with the Solidarity movement in Poland and ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Priests and nuns were providing the West with a much more accurate picture of developments in Poland that the KGB was sending to Moscow - or the CIA to Washington, for that matter. ) During the Nazi era religious organizations similarly worked with local resistance forces, Allied intelligence agencies and military personnel, and one another to provide back channels of communication that were nearly invulnerable to penetration by the enemy, as ordinary spy rings were not.


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